Are you a couple? How to Choose the Best Double Baby Stroller

Are you a couple? How to Choose the Best Double Baby Stroller

It can be hard to find the right stroller or pram for you, especially if you have more than one child. There are many types of double strollers available, each with different features and styles. To determine which double stroller is right for you, the first step is to decide what style is best. Then, consider size, use, and features.

Side-by-Side, Convertible Tandem, Tandem, Convertible Sit and Stand

Side-by-side strollers are convenient for parents with twins and those with children who are older. The stroller seats are placed side by side, just like the name suggests. Although some side-by-sides are larger than others, they can fit through most doors.

Tandem strollers allow two children to ride together the best baby stroller and can recline fully. Although it is quite long, the stroller has many full-size features such as cup holders and padded seats. A tandem stroller can often be used in conjunction with infant car seats. This is something you should keep in mind when shopping for one.

Convertible strollers can be described as those that are able to convert from a single stroller into a double. A single stroller can often be converted to a sit-and-stand to accommodate different ages.

Sit and stand strollers are best for children of various ages. A traditional stroller seat can be used by one child, and the older child can use the back. The child with the smaller legs can either stand on a platform or sit on a small bench-like seat in front of you.

Pram Size

Side-by-side strollers work well if you’re looking for an umbrella, lightweight stroller, or pram. A tandem stroller is the best choice if you need a larger stroller or can use it with an infant car seat. A tandem stroller is heavier and bulkier than a regular stroller, so it requires more storage space.

Convertible strollers can be full-size single strollers or smaller tandem strollers. Strollers that can be sat or stood offer the same size and functionality.


It is important that you consider how often you will use the pram or stroller. A side-by-side stroller is the best choice if you’re looking for a stroller that can be used as a jogger or travel stroller. A tandem stroller is not recommended for people who travel frequently. A sit-and-stand stroller may be more suitable for older children who may need it occasionally to travel.


Double strollers come in many different types and uses. Safety features are often standard in double strollers. Most double strollers will have a 5-point harness and rear brakes. Some jogging strollers might have additional features such as wrist straps. Double strollers often have swivel front wheels to aid in maneuverability.

However, comfort features can vary widely. Tandem strollers will have plenty of padding, a fully reclined seat back, ample storage, and, in some cases, cup holders and snack tray. Side-by-side strollers are less versatile and offer less storage. Sit and stand strollers are great for children of all ages. However, they may not be the best choice if you need a fully reclined seat. Sit and stand strollers should not be used for infants or small babies.