Soccer Player Nutrition

Soccer Player Nutrition

I didn’t know anything about soccer when I started. I didn’t know what to eat after soccer games nor how to maintain high carbohydrate, rich diet. I will be sharing some of the most important nutrition tips you can follow as a soccer player to ensure your performance during practices and matches.


This is an extremely important topic. You will be able to perform better if you eat a lot of carbohydrates. Your ability to play soccer faster and more efficiently will be enhanced by a high-carbohydrate diet. You’ll be able stay on top of your game if you eat more carbohydrates.

Consuming large quantities of carbohydrates before a game is not recommended. Instead, this amount should be consumed one day ahead of the match. That is, 24 hours prior to the start. Many players believe that you should prepare high-carbohydrate meals several hours before your match begins.

One possible way to achieve a balanced diet is to include the following:

Carbohydrates: 50-60%

o 10 % protein

O 20-30% fat

Lots of fluids

The importance of protein is not lost

Protein is important in soccer nutrition. Protein can be found in chicken and fish as well as milk. Your muscles will get stronger by having more protein.

Eat XoilacTV truc tiep Fat!

Fat is good. These are the types you should eat.

o Omega fat (Fish)

o Lean ground meat

o Red meat, remove the fat

Certain fats are best to avoid. These fats are found in milk and similar products.